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"Welcome to SkillZ UP,

providing this extra help in a fun, engaging and confidence building setting.

Thanks to this amazing team of passionate people (Dany and Yacine, activity instructors and education teacher, July and Alexandra, teaching assistants), we really hope this club will help many other children!"

Anne-Sophie, co-founder of SkillZ UP

A unique
sport club

in West London

What are the benefits of your child taking part in our sport club?

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SkillZ UP is dedicated to all children regardless of their level. The team’s main aim is to encourage and support in developing their physical strengths by focusing on their emotional well being as well as listening to their concerns.

Fun, creative and active sessions to help give your child a love of sport and much more. Our team will focus on the individual needs of each child and offer support in certain areas where they may need a little more help.

The importance for your child to play sport

Researches show that exercise can improve concentration, executive function and behaviour.

Sport boosts self esteem which helps children to succeed and achieve their goals, leading them to reach greater potential later in life.

We aim to boost their communication and problem solving skills, increase concentration, build confidence, reduce stress and deal with emotions when they do not win. It is a great way for them to loosen up and let go of built up energy in a happy and fun environment.

For very active children, they can use up some of their energy!

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3 pillars of our sport club

Exercise is fun!
Improve fitness and develop new skills.
We have
a smaller number of club members so we can spend more time with each child and make sure he is enjoying the games.



We give the time:

we help children perform at their own and personalised pace.
We offer personalised development and progress plan set up with the children’s parents. Building trust in their own abilities.


Collective sport build team work and leadership which are invaluable skills applicable throughout life.

The club is made of 2 professional sporting coaches and 2 teaching assistants working together as a team.



To register your child, please email us or call us and we will send you a registration form.

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