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Multi-sport classes for kids
with a special program

Your child get stressed in sports classes? Highly frustrated when they lose? They feel lost and don't find their place in a regular sports club?


SkillZ UP delivers multi-sport sessions for 4 to 16 years old with the extra help some boys and girls require. Our approach and our programme are fitted for children who need special attention.

Our multi sports programme offers your child to explore a diverse range of sports activities, in a fun and non competitive way.


SkillZ UP is a perfect place for your child to access a caring environment and make new friends while enjoying sports powers and values. Physical exercise reduces stress, teaches children coordination skills, boosts self-esteem and confidence.


Our children multisport classes take place every Saturday in West London for all skill levels.



Recreational games, ball games, motorskills activities,

slow pace physical activities

Where: West London Fulham

Time: Wednesday from 4.30 to 6pm

for children from 4 to 10 yo

Saturday from 2.30 to 4pm

for children from 11 to 16 yo

Small group: 8 to 12 children

Fees: £35/session

£25 for siblings

See timetable

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A session with us...

After welcoming parents and children, all children will take part in friendly games to help them condition and warm up their body, heart and muscles before the actual class.

Stage 1 (15-20mn)
Warming up & introductory games


Stage 2 (50-60mn)
Multi-sports activities​


Phase 1 - Athletics (25-30mn)

Set of exercises aimed at improving overall athletic abilities

Running, jumping, ball throwing, circuit training

Phase 2 : Collective, ball or racquet games (25-30m)n)

Children will play together to improve teamwork, discipline and structure. Each child will gradually become aware of his/her position in the team, will be encouraged to think strategically and use all his physical, mental and emotional abilities accordingly.

Football, tag rugby, rounders…​

multi-sport classes for kids boy playing football indoor.jpg

Stage 3 (5-10mn)
Ending and analysing the session


Coaches and teaching assistants will reflect on the whole session pointing out the positives and the remaining work in progress. They will particularly encourage positive attitudes, significant efforts and initiatives. Every child will be encouraged and /or congratulated. Some might even receive special rewards!

To register your child, please email us or call us and we will send you a registration form.

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