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teaching sport with care

Our teaching team is made up of people all of whom are experts in sport coaching, education teaching and teaching assistance.
The SkillZ UP’s coaches are a qualified team, specialised in children's sport and special educational needs.

Our sport instructors respect your children’s personal development and ensure helpful, understanding and supportive training.
They are fully enhanced DBS check 
and have up to date first aid and safeguarding certificates.

multi-sport for kids sports coach happy sport team.JPG


Activity insctructor

& education





School teacher assistant

School teacher



2 sport coachs, Dany & Yacine: 

Our sports coaches are trained to deliver fun and engaging sports sessions for every children regardless of their level. Both have a background in teaching sport to children in famous London sport clubs.

2 teaching assistants, Alexandra & July:

They both have experience in assisting SEN children in private french schools. Assistants can bring special support and help as they specifically focus on social and emotional developments, which are key to success.

A personalised follow up:

Each child is unique and special. That's why we take great care to discuss each child's needs with their parents and we regularly report on the child's progress.


How SkillZ UP is born ? The story of Martin...

"Martin is a smart and cheerful 8 year old boy. 

He attends Year 4 in a French School. He is clever and sociable, however, even though he really wishes to play football with his peers, he finds it very difficult.

He finds it hard to listen to instructions, gets stressed when he is in a group, frustrated if he loses...

and frequently he has his head in the clouds.

Martin will feel lost in a regular sport club.

With a little extra help he could really shine.


Co-founder of SkillZ UP

and Martin's mum.

Because I couldn’t find

an appropriate and adapted children sport club in West London, I get the idea of SkillZ UP, a different and caring club, providing this extra help in a fun, engaging and confidence building setting."

To register your child, please email us or call us and we will send you a registration form.

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