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SkillZ UP is a different type of kids sports club in West London dedicated to children who need to be encouraged and helped to participate in sports activities. A children's sport club to help your child to love sport, physical activity and team games.

SkillZ UP offers weekly multisports classes, recreational sports and slow paced physical activities for children from 4 to 16, all skill levels.

SkillZ UP delivers a full range of indoor sports activities, collectives and individuals which can include warm up, football, tag rugby, team games, athletics…in a caring, fun and non-competitive environment.

The club is mixed-gender and our team are both fluent in French and English.

A sports club for sensitive children 

kids sports club - happy sensitive child smiling

We are dedicated to children who need a little extra help to succeed. The team’s main aim is to encourage and support in developing their physical strengths by focusing on their emotional well being as well as listening to their concerns.

All your child needs to be confident and happy in a sport class.

a taylor-made programme

Adapted sport programme, individual attention, small classes, a high teacher/child ratio (4 teachers for 12 children), kind instructors and regular written feedback ensures your child will get the most out of every sport session.

Multisports is perfect if your child enjoys variety or wants to find out which sport they enjoy the most.

kids sports club - we have a high adult children ratio

Caring and kind sport teachers

kids sports club - skillz up coaching children with care

Our team is well-trained to run the sport classes with kindness and a positive coaching approach encouraging the confidence and the abilities of the children, and giving to all the little boys and girls, happy time, fun and pleasure.

During our weekend sport sessions, a profound attention to social and emotional development is given to each child as well as taking care of his difficulties.

A personalised follow up

We offer personalised development and progress plan set up with the children’s parents.

SkillZ Up gives a chance to your child to learn the foundations of sport and to enjoy the benefits of physical activity and collective exercises such as self esteem, interaction, communication, teamwork, concentration, deal with emotions… without stress, anxiety and nervousness.

kids sports club - sport coach helping boy ball.jpg

Find more information about our children kids sport club and the benefits for your children.

Please do not hesitate to contact our kids sport Club if you would like to understand more or discuss whether your child would benefit.

The SkillZ UP team

Dany (Co-founder, Coordinator and Activity & special-education Instructor)

Yacine (Activity Instructor & special-education Teacher)

July (Teaching assistant in schools)

Anne-Sophie (Parent & co-founder)

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